“Discover the Cold Calling Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Reaching ‘Top Dog’ Decision Makers!”

Dear Friend,

This cold calling site is here to serve you. Specifically, to free you up to meet with whom ever you want to meet. Under girding Top Dogs International is a commitment to a moral and ethical obligation to let every seller of products and services, like you, know there are products and services to help in your quest.

Why bother? Because every person like you has an important contribution to make with a product and service offering, if you accept the challenge you too have a moral and ethical obligation to let as many buyers know you are there with a solution to one of their pressing business needs. We at TDI are here to help you get your message out

Those two paragraphs took 20 years, adventures in dozens of business venues, 15 years looking for solutions to personal illness, successful and not so successful business times for me to gain clarity of focus and to distil into words what TDI uniquely has to offer you.

As TDI founder, I started with literally a gut-wrenching fear of cold calling only to end up doing business with multi-billion dollar decision-makers with as many as three voice mail conversations before live-voice contact was made. In overcoming that fear expertise was built.

Part of that expertise is the understanding that what you desire is on the other side of fear. You have the choice of giving in to fear or overcoming it. Since you searched for and found this site, odds are high that you fully intend to get unstuck and to get to where ever you want to go including meeting with Top Dog decision makers.

So, where are you stuck?

Do you fumble for words when your prospect answers the phone … worse yet does your brain freeze as you pray for a quick exit from the call? You are in the right place. You will find words that will break the ice of a cold call, several different kinds of scripts to use for whom ever answers the phone, and words that will take your calls in the direction you want them to go.

Are you convinced that gatekeepers have a single-minded mission to keep you out of the executive suites … that they are viciously determined to keep all sellers away from the Big Dog? Soon, you will have available at your fingertips actual interviews with gatekeepers that will surprise you. Here is a teaser to pique your interest … gatekeepers are actually looking for people to let in. In these interviews gatekeepers give you the words to say to become among the chosen few they allow into the hallowed halls of the executive suites.

Does your respect for the chain of command hold you back from calling top decision-makers … so you long for the day when you finally feel ready, willing, and able to hold your own with Top Dog prospects? Top Dog International collaborated with a psychoneuroimmunologist (try saying that three times rapidly) to create a cool, cool, tool that actually convinces your brain that you belong with Top Dogs and it is OK to belong at the top!

Feeling overwhelmed with a glut of information on sales … yet you know keeping current is critical? In the not too distant future you will have access to Top Dog Bits to keep you up-to-date on the most important insights in new releases.

Is being sent to voice mail jail getting on your last nerve … are you convinced that no one ever, ever returns calls, never, ever? Well, it is time to re-think that thought. Voice mail is here to stay. You can learn how to use it to your advantage and leave any competitors in your dust. We will show you how.

Overwhelmed by the number of prospects you have to manage … do you dread call backs that begin, “This is John returning your call” because you do not know who the heck John is and do not want to blow an opportunity? You already know CRMs are not designed to support cold calling. We will show you applications that not only integrate easily with just about any CRM by make the administrative side of cold calling a breeze.

Right now this site gets about 35 visitors each day. When we hit the 100 visitors a day mark, then, email sign ups, free mini-courses, and product offerings will be made accessible to you. In the short term this site is informational only. You will find links to free white papers on several pages. I am strictly focused upon writing site pages to address questions submitted by folks like you and other visitors. The best way to get your particular concern addressed in writing is to submit questions on the Q & A Forum. Just click the button on the left.

What you will learn here is powerful, powerful cold calling information that when implemented is literally business changing. So, thanks in advance for using your talents, products, and services for good, not evil. Thanks too for stepping up to do what you need to do to get your unique contribution out there. The business community is desperate for solutions. Thank you for your devotion to providing them.

Looking foward to serving you,

Leslie J Buterin (like butterin’ bread) Founder, Top Dog International 

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