"How to Find THE Cold Calling Tips That'll Catapult You Forward"

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There are oodles of cold calling tips that claim to be “the answer” to your cold calling woes. You already know many of those answers aren’t right for you. That’s why you are still searching for answers – right?

Keep in mind as you look for the cold calling tips that will free you to move forward with your cold calling strategy. There are many pitfalls that can trip you up on your cold calling journey.

There is no need to be overwhelmed by all of the obstacles you could confront - but it is important to acknowledge them, so you can intentionally overcome them or avoid them altogether.

Take for example the exhaustion and frustrations with cold calling that seem to attack from several life-sapping emotions like the:

1. Rejection you feel when gatekeepers seem to shut you down

2. Humiliation that descends when getting “the brush off” and being trapped in voice mail jail

3. Frustration of not knowing the words to say that’ll get you face time with decision-makers

4. Fear of looking foolish – especially to Top Dogs – high-level decision-makers

5. Anxiety of how to overcome objections having to do with price, lack of time, and my personal favorite (not) we already have a vendor for that

AND on top of all those emotions remember to consider any stuck spots having to do with the sheer physical effort associated with:

6. Floundering as you try to present your unique contributions in an industry that’s seen as a commoditized

7. Stumbling as you try to craft a killer USP (unique selling proposition) that you know is critical to getting an invitation to the hallowed halls of the executive suites

8. Juggling lists of leads, business cards from networking, and notes written on sticky notes that are stuck, well, all over the place

9. Sorting the suspects from the viable leads and identifying rock-solid prospects

10. Meeting the demands of maintaining a CRM that was supposed to make your life easier but in reality added a couple of hours to your day while you do your darndest to enter the right data, at the right time, in the right place so that management is happy

11. Searching for real answers to your cold calling questions when in-house training is non-existent, lame, or a seasonal sales event that doesn’t help you burn-in new cold calling tips, tools, and techniques required for real results and success

12. Making your self do the calls when you just don’t feel motivated to make one more cold call.

After a close examination of these elements, pinpoint which one(s) of these areas are causing you grief, aggravation and unproductive cold calls; prioritize them in a way that is meaningful to you; and look for cold calling tips and gain understanding of the differences between telephone sales skills and face-to-face selling.

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