"Cold Calling Techniques: Your Tipping Point for Success"

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Sales professionals pleaded for rock-solid cold calling techniques and tips. Only problem was, I didn’t know the difference between tips and techniques. So, I surveyed your cold calling colleagues to see how they made the distinctions.

Turns out questions about techniques have to do with the steps you can take immediately before and after each call to enhance the success of each prospecting call AND how to build and maintain strong positioning during each one of your cold calls.

Below is a list of techniques you can leverage to support you in your quest for opening new business. Get the basics of your cold calling scripts so that you know what to expect during each call – then, step up your game with one or more of these processes.

In the coming weeks each of these seven pre and post-call techniques will have web pages of their own. Follow the links for discussions about these specific topics:

1. Cover letters – of introduction: to use as ice breakers and as advanced-notice to the decision-maker to expect your call.

2. Effective follow-up letters: one more touch point with your prospect such as a thank you that confirms the next steps to be taken in the selling process.

3. The best resources for business market research that give you facts, figures, and insider’s knowledge of the companies you are prospecting.

4. Sources of fresh leads; contact information for top decision makers; and ways to profile your most successful clients and look for that profile in prospects

As well as discussions of building and maintaining strong positioning during each prospecting call.

5. How to get over: any reluctance to bother Top Dogs; lack of motivation to call; being viewed as a commodity (and how to stand out in a crowd); then question your cold calling sales techniques, when being questioned by your prospects; and any habits that interfere with establishing trust with your prospects.

6. Sales techniques , ways to get to decision-makers and to get past gatekeepers

7. Cold calling techniques that tell you how to position yourself, as a friend; as a colleague; and/or as a welcomed caller.

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