"Sales Techniques: Words to Use and Avoid"

Great sales techniques are found in the words used in the Top Dog cold call script. The words you use hold the power. Those words either get you where you want to go or keep you from getting there.

As you examine your cold call script and craft an even more effective one keep these thoughts about words in mind. High-level decision-makers spend the majority of their time with other high-level decision-makers. For effective cold calls make sure the words of your cold call script position you as a part of the decision-makers pack.

There are two unspoken, commonly understood rules of those who travel in these circles.

1. Those inside the pack use the words in an annual report as a meaningful part of every day conversations. Those outside the pack do not.

2. Insiders speak to each other as equals. Those outside the pack put themselves in a one-down position believing this is a sign of respect. When in fact, it is a sign that they do not belong on the inside.

If you are not currently gaining access to Top Dog decision-makers odds are you script unintentionally violates one of these two rules. Chances are good you either: use low-level phrases like: “reduce costs” and “increase sales” or; use words that put you in a one down position such as “may I schedule …”, “would he be open to …”.

What’s the problem?

Low-level decision-makers are expected to stay within budgets that are determined by high-level decision makers. Toward that goal low-level decision-makers think and speak in terms of how much this, that and the other thing cost … and how to increase sales. These are not the words used by the decision-makers who set the budget.

This will surprise you. What you may think of as social niceties – Is this a good time? How are you? – are completely and totally inappropriate at this level. These phrases are received by decision-makers at best as disingenuous, time-wasters. And Top Dog decision-makers are all about leveraging time for money.

Your lexicon of Top Dog verbiage must include using these exact words in your cold call script: reduce expenses, increase revenues and/or mitigate risk.

For example:

• How much your product/service will “reduce expenses”

• By how much your product/service will “increase revenues”

• Your ability to significantly “mitigate risk”

Fine tune your sales techniques by changing the words you use in you cold call script and watch your results change.

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