"Telephone Sales Training: What to Watch Out For"

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Your next telephone sales training does not have to cost a lot.

When money was flowing freely, companies spent somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 and travel expenses to book a good cold calling seminar on site.

Add to the speaker's booking and travel expenses, the cost of "putting butts in seats" ... having the sales professionals in the audience and out of the office for a full day ... and you’ll see how quickly that sales program can cost –a lot.

Telephone sales training dollars are quickly shifting to the World Wide Web. Dollars go farther and you have access to big name influencers at the cost of a few dollars per participant.

As you make the shift, remember to build habits that solidify learning so that you get as much out of your

The $20,000 that was spent last year on one event can be used this year to expose more people, more frequently to good information.

Online training sessions frequently offer the ability for you to download audio to MP3 for repeated listening. These kinds of training sessions are also being given as perks for people with recent accomplishments that companies want to reward.

Here are several important things to watch out for as you identify the right cold calling seminar to fulfill your training needs.

First, you want training that is delivered by experts who are active in the field. Not want “wannabees” who decided to try training because they just quit a job and want to be their own boss.

Ideally instructors will have been interviewed and fully vetted before arriving to your online class. You are looking for training that provides more than a person with a pulse. You want someone who can enhance the bottom line – significantly.

Whether an online training session for fee or for free you do not want to waste you time.

Guard your time and:

1. Beware of 60 minute sessions that promise 10 ways to improve your cold calls ... Realistically 10 points are too many to cover within the time constraints. At best you will get a general overview, and have no real take-aways.

2. Make sure your 60 minutes is not spent in a pitch fest “buy this now for the answers” ... You want your answers given when you attend the program.

3. Take care that an audience member you align with the suggested attendees ... A new cold caller could easily become overwhelmed to the point of hopelessness in a class of seasoned sales pros who use cold calling to make 80% of their annual sales goals, for example.

4. Learning solidifies with the ability to receive answers to pressing questions... So, you want online sessions that allow you to interact with the expert presenter, not just audio.

Follow these guidelines and you will soon find that telephone sales training really can pay for itself. Invest in training; learn how to solidify what you learn during cold calling sales training; and plan to incorporate those learnings into your daily routines. The plan will give you the confidience to expect revenues to increase proportionately with each new sales skill you learn.

Recommended Resources

Do a web search you will find many webinars that are pre-recorded sales pitches for you to buy a bigger, better program. I prefer live webinars where you can intereact with experts, get answers to your questions, and no sales pitches are allowed! Like these classes - they change weekly so come back often or tell them to send you the weekly offerings via email

Telephone Sales Training

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