"Cold Calling Sales Training You Pay for - Should End Up Paying Off for You!"

As you look for the cold calling sales training that meets your specific needs, keep this in mind. One of my mentors told a room full of sales trainers, “If you can handle a 25% refund rate you can ship all of your books with blank pages.”

It took a minute to get that he was saying, “75% of people who order sales training products, never open them.”

Yikes! Let this be a wake up call!

When you invest in training, chose wisely and be sure to have a plan for incorporating newly learned behaviors into your habits.

David Stein, CEO of ES Research Group a New York based consultancy that focuses on the sales training industry says, companies spend some $5.5 billion on sales training related expenses every year.

Unfortunately, the majority of cold calling sales training dollars are unwisely spent as program implementation is poorly thought through. Three months after each event most sales people aren’t using what they learned.

Make sure you use what you learn during any and all such training. Plan to implement your new learning to ensure that your new knowledge transforms into new habits and skills.

During training sessions, learn to remember what is taught. If you don't remember then you are perfecting the habit of forgetting!

For example, as you read any handouts and think, “I’d like to try that next time I cold call” write the idea down on the front cover of the handouts.

Make this a habit and you will quickly build an easily accessible body of knowledge gleaned from cold call training. Just the action of writing down a concept that appeals to you reinforces learning.

Then, identify one new habit you want to build as a result of your writings and find a way to practice that habit once a day for 3 months.

Better yet, ask your spouse, niece/nephew, or a colleague to ask you once a week how you are doing with building your new habit. With accountability you are far more likely to follow through with positive changes.

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