"Cold Call Coaching - Sometimes You Just Need to Talk Things Through"

What makes our approach to cold call coaching different from all other is this – you do not research your prospect companies; you do, however, let your prospect companies know what you can do for them. You are positioned as one “Top Dog” calling another.

One-on-one time gives us the opportunity to address your specific questions and to customize responses for your unique product and/or service.

We do two sessions for each topic. The first session allows me to let you know what you are doing right, tell you what you must stop doing, identify the missing pieces and give you homework.

The second session gives you closure on that topic and the time to discuss next steps for coaching as appropriate.

On average – provided you do your homework—each topic we address is thoroughly discussed with just two 30-minute cold call coaching sessions. During which, you receive powerful answers to your pressing questions.

Warning, I am not all “smoochy” during our time together!

The goal is to get as many answers to your questions as possible, as thoroughly as possible during both of our 30-minute sessions together. Come to our sessions with your questions organized and you will be astounded at how much you can accomplish.

If you’re new to the idea of cold call coaching you’ll want to know the kinds of outcomes that are produced during these calls. Although this is by no stretch of the imagination a comprehensive list, you will get an idea of the kinds of topics your colleagues utilize coaching calls for:

- Well-crafted benefit statements … that boost your self-confidence and are easy to remember

- Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that positions you as the expert you are ... and presents you as the “Alpha Dog”; the Top Dog in your industry

- Powerful testimonials to use in your script; written; email; and Voice Mail communications … the very words that make your prospects sit up and pay attention

- Compelling documents to send to prospects that ask for “something in writing” – and makes them welcome your follow up call

- A crystal-clear impact statement that tells your prospects what’s-in-it-for-them … and why they must do business with you or risk losing out

- Identifying cold calling stuck spots ... better yet, how to breeze through those frustrating stuck spots

- The voice mail messages to leave … and how to get a high number of call backs. Contrary to the popular fictional rumor, executives will call you back. You just need the words that to get them to exactly that.

- Review of upcoming major account cold calls ... figure out what to say and just as important, what not to say

- Answers to the odd questions that come up during the course of your day … answers that will propel you over any hurdles and get those appointments for you

- A sounding board for your thinking – rooting out your prospects’ unspoken objections and giving you ways to articulate those objections as strengths of yours

- Autopsy of current cold calling scripts … we look at 5 critical points where your scripts can easily turn for the worse and turn them around to keep you on the path to success

- Creation of new cold calling scripts – perfect for you if you’ve never had a best practices script, we’ll build it right the first time

- Identification of your high-leverage points … ways you can double, triple, even quadruple your results with seemingly slight changes in your cold call strategy

- Cold calling metrics to measure, monitor – you will learn about the best systems on the market for cold calling and how to profit from them, big time

- Define your “ideal” client … so that your list is chock full of those who are most likely to do business with you, and less likely to waste your precious time

- Discuss a variety of cold calling resources – the kind of discussion that is for insider’s only, we’ll figure out what is best for you and why. You’ll know your ROI before you invest one cent of your budget.

- Our cold call coaching clients who boast an immediate Return On Investment of 3 to 10 times their initial investment – you can even add several zeros to you ROI - because of your new found ability to effectively schedule the executive-level sales call

Here are your first two steps: Click the Buy Now button to get two 30-minute coaching sessions for a total $300. You will receive an email receipt with a choice of two possible coaching times. Let me know which works best for you. Finally, you will receive an email from me within 2-business days confirming our meeting time and a phone number to call at that time.

Now, if you are thinking, "Sheesh, $300 is a lot of money" then, know - all that means is - you are not ready for coaching.

Here's why...you do not yet understand the value of appointments with Top Dog decision makers.

However, if you do understand the value then you are thinking, "Sheesh, that's chump change compared to what I will get back."

Let's put this into persepective. Our Top Dog Plantinum Club is limited to a few members. These members have access to a service that will arrange introductions of one exectutive to another for $10,000 per introduction. That's for one introduction AND not everyone who asks for this Club membership is accepted. You have to be a person of integrity who knows what to do with this kind of introduction.

Here's what "be a person who knows what to do with this kind of introduction" actually means...

Years ago Top Dog International began as an appointment scheduling service. One morning I scheduled one client for face time with a $6 billion dollar decision maker.

Sounds like a good call, doesn't it? That's what I thought until ...

The client reported back after the appointment. In an instant it was evident that guy had absolutely no idea how to leverage that increadibly valuable appointment into business exploding revenues.

Too bad really. Just don't let this happen to you.

The client had a great service that the prospect needed. The fact was the cold calling client simply was not ready for a Top Dog sales call. The client had no concept of Top Dog Rules, no idea how to sell to that level of decision maker.

That's the call changed the direction of TDI. We no longer schedule cold calling clients who don't know what to do with that kind of opportunity. Cold call coaching has been added to our services to protect our clients from that kind of disappointment. The focus of Top Dog International goal is to meet our cold calling clients at their point of readiness.

- Some are ready for free articles. No shame in that. That's just where you are in your growth. You will find plenty of good, even great articles on this and internet sites. Happy research! Let us know if you find something not to be missed and we will include that link on one of our Resources pages.

- Others are ready for at home study programs. We have such a program. What I said above applies here too - if you find other programs that will help others you can use the Contact Us button to let us know. We will check it out and if we agree we will link to that resource too.

- About one-seventh of our clients are ready for cold call coaching. If you aren't yet ready, please, please save your money. Keep studying that will prepare you for readiness. You too will get to this point.

However, if you are ready to roll, then, click on the link below and we will work together to get you moving forward faster. After all that is the point of cold call coaching, to work with a coach who can catapult your success.

Clients frequently ask, "Will I talk to you or one of your people?" Cold call coaching and celebrating your success with you are the favorite parts of my day. I am all about developing you when you are ready and willing to reap the benefits that go along with stretching ourside of your comfort zone. Know that you will talk with me.


Leslie Buterin, Founder, Top Dog International


As a cold call coaching client, you also receive our Home Study System for Successful Cold Calling Executives - a $297 value - our gift to you!

Visit Cold Calling Executives to see what all the System includes. NOTE: the site is not active - our insider cold call coaching clients are the ONLY ones to have access to the System and they get it for free.

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