Call Reluctance? Yes, You Can Be Set Free!

You will be freed from call reluctance the instant you build a believable bridge to success in your brain.

That phrase may sound a bit mind-boggling but here's another way for you to grasp the importance of this process of dialing for dollars.

Sales professionals who are stuck in fears of cold calling report, "I've tried it and affirmations don't work."

Actually, they do work, and extremely well.

Chances are if your thoughts are not helping you move toward cold calling success , there is something wrong with the affirming scripts in your brain.

For example: Those folks who may have spent their last nickel to attend a seminar during which the instructor directed them to use the affirmation, "I am rich." Since your brain knows you just spent your last nickel, that affirmation does not and can not ring true with you and your brain.

Here's why ...

The unconscious mind is smart; has a well-tuned "B.S." detector; and flat out rejects what is outside its realm of possibility.

No, I am not saying that you will not become rich. I am saying to make call reluctance a thing of the past ... it is critically important to phrase brain-scripts in a way that the brain can accept as being within the realm of possibility.

When point A is that "you are flat broke" and point B is "you are rich," your smart unconscious mind quickly recognizes that as a BIG stretch and rejects point B.

How does this process relate to effective cold calling? When your point A is "cold calling is like getting a vasectomy with a chain saw" (Yes, one of our clients really sent that to us as a belief!) and staying with that theme ... your point B is "cold calling is better than sex" ... the only choice your brain has is to retort, "Oh yeah, sure ... what a crock!"

Start with affirming brain-scripts that your mind can accept as real and true and can use to build a believable bridge of thought. Then, your smart brain will be able to recognize the new bridge of thoughts as a path of safe passage and will be willing to take you from point A to point B without resistance!

When your brain is ready, then you will be ready for the ins and outs associated with how to cold call.

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