"How to Cold Call is Easier and More Rewarding than You Know!"

Answering questions about how to cold call is a bit of a sticky wicket.

On the one hand the answer to “How to cold call” is you pick up the phone; call the prospect you want to meet with; tell him/her you want a meeting; and schedule that meeting at a mutually convenient time.

On the other hand there are about a bazillion questions about how to cold call that come up between picking up the phone and scheduling that appointment.

OK “bazillion” may not be a real number but you get the point.

When I first started cold calling, “pick up the phone and call” is the one and only instruction I received for cold calling company presidents. I was pumped with adrenaline and I succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. This very well may happen to you too.

Then, when the adrenaline and newness of cold calling wore off I had less than spectacular cold calling results. This very well may happen to you too.

What you need is a system that that you can rely upon to bring you success even on days when cold calling is the last thing on earth that you want to do; a system that gives you results based on skill rather than left to a matter of chance.

I have received hundreds of questions from cold calling colleagues and found that questions about how to cold calls loosely cluster into these three groups:

1. What is the best script, the best format of a good cold call

2. What is the mind set needed for a good cold call

3. What should my delivery, my actual call sound like

This website is devoted to answering these questions in great detail. Explore the site and focus upon where you are in the development of your own cold calling system.

You do need a good script. Some will argue this point nine ways to Sunday proclaiming “I don’t use a script”.

I argue back, “Let me listen to two of your calls and I will identify the script you actually use whether you know it or not.”

A script has to do with thinking through what will happen during your prospecting calls and planning out in advance what you will say when the circumstances come up.

To learn how to cold call you need a script that by design opens the cold call; leads your prospect down the path you want it to go; and closes the call with either an appointment or a crystal clear understanding as to why this particular prospect is not a viable prospect for you.

Don’t have a good script? Check out the SCRIPTS button.

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