"Effective Cold Calling is Found in These Easy Steps!"

Effective cold calling will stay outside of your grasp if you rely on the many wimpy cold calling scripts out there. Try them all they’ll make your head spin!

You’ll find some scripts tell you to introduce yourself and bond before you get to the point ... as though you’ll build a relationship that lasts - within a few seconds on the phone.

Other scripts claim to be "the way" to effective cold calling as they direct you to tell prospect all about the company. As though your company’s history that will justify the fact that your call that has interrupted the prospect’s day.

Other scripts unintentionally give you "un" effective cold calling by telling you to start your calls with the unconvincing words “This is not a sales call…”

Yeah, right. Who do they think they’re kidding!

By the same token you and I both know that the power of any sales presentation is in the words.

Face-to-face you have all sorts of visual cues that let you know whether or not you and your prospect are strolling down the primrose path … together.

In the blink of an eye you pick up cues such as a prospect’s crossed arms, broken eye contact, and other body language that let you know when your words have taken the two of you off the profitable path. With these cues you quickly figure out how to get back on track and can easily adjust your sales presentation accordingly.

On the phone, however, your cues come from background sounds, tone of voice, pacing, and the words themselves.

To stay on course self-control is key.

Say too much and you’ll hear, “If he’s interested he’ll call you” and wonder, “What happened?” Say too little and the gatekeeper will ask questions, to keep you talking, find out what she thinks she needs to know, and then gets off of the phone.

Since sales professionals have a gift for gab and thrive on social interaction, we are most comfortable talking with people face-to-face. We prefer to be around people and usually dread cold calling on the telephone. When we do our cold call prospecting, it is easy for us to talk too fast; too spew out way too many words for the prospect to grasp on the phone; and to relinquish self-control altogether. We experience failure … not our favorite lesson … and quickly build an aversion to making cold calls.

For effective cold calling top sales professionals turn aversion to attraction by using scripts that are in essence a sophisticated sales presentation. Scripts that are stripped down to the essential words; not too many, and not too few words that “make the sale” in their 90-seconds of time on the phone with an executive or executive assistant.

Yes! A script can be that good and yield results of 6-8 appointments out of every 10 calls.

How do you come up with a script that’s so good? First, you must craft a script so that it contains each of the components of an effective face-to-face sales presentation. Then you must streamline the script for successful transition to the telephone.

A spectacular structure for a cold calling script is this:

1. Use the prospect’s name, in the form of a question as you opening line.

2. Identify yourself

3. State the purpose of your call

4. Build a benefit statement that tells your prospect precisely what he/she will get out of meeting with you—in terms of bottom line numbers.

5. Maintain self-control by knowing what you want out of the call and asking the questions you need to ask to get there.

Here’s and example of such a script:

“Mary?” “This is Leslie. I’m calling from ColdCallingExecutives.com to see whether or not I can double John’s revenues in 90 days or less.” “When’s the best time for him to meet, this week or next?” “I appreciate you. Thank you.”

Even the best cold callers are struck by how much effort it takes to relax during cold calls to executives; how few words actually need to spoken during a structured sales call, and the power of a carefully crafted sales call.

You’ve heard the phrase “KISS … Keep It Simple, Stupid!” You can modify that a bit to help you with your own spectacular script for successful cold call prospecting. KISS… Keep It Simple and Structured. Then, enjoy your success as your new simply, spectacular cold calling strategy pays off!

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