"b2b Telemarketing: better to do in-house or outsource?"

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With b2b telemarketing your first decision is to decide whether you will handle cold call prospecting in-house or outsource the early, appointment-scheduling stages of the sales process.

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Whatever your decision cold calls must be singular in focus. Callers require a high-degree of expertise, drive demand with their calls, and book appointments with the right sales opportunities.

Your initial cold calling carries with it a considerable amount of responsibility. You want relevant conversations with buyers; to be positioned as a credible, trustworthy resource; and you want your salespeople meeting with decision-makers.

When these pieces click into place, your sales professionals are then positioned to do what they do best - identify problems that need solving and to sell.

Whether you cold call in-house or outsource your b2b telemarketing, you want to accelerate your client acquisition. Toward that goal you need built-in accountability for either or both cold calling teams. Ask the hard questions and tweak the answers to those questions until you get the results you want. As an ongoing practice, ask:

- How many meetings are scheduled?

- How much time does it take on average to schedule a meeting?

- At what organizational level are meetings scheduled?

- In what industry do you specialize?

You may opt to outsource your b2b cold calling , appointment-scheduling function. In this case here's one of several telemarketing tips make sure that company has customer relationship management (CRM) software compatible with or the same as yours.

You want to be able to easily review the results of their call practices and see what you are getting for the money you are spending; and seamlessly upload that company's notes and contacts to your system for a clean capture of data.

As your telemarketing company engages with you, they can make use of a flexible CRM to set up a new database for you with your special "template". Then, your company's project manager can embed the specific "script" for that campaign into the telemarketing company's customized database. Pretty slick, huh?!

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