"Telemarketing Services 3-Part Combination for Success"

Success of your telemarketing services hinges on the critical piece of the sales-cycle having to do with setting the initial appointment.

When it comes to finding new customers over the telephone, some companies outsource this function while others take direct control of their success and keep this critical-component in the house.

You'd look like you had egg on your face if you tried to tell the boss you missed your revenue goals because - the Outsourcer did not set enough appointments! Truth be told it isn't any easier to tell the boss why the sales force did not schedule enough appointments to meet new business goals.

Unfortunately, many companies outsource telemarketing services because no one in the decision making process ever figures out how to morph the sales people in to successful cold callers.

Sure management is sympathetic to the problem of not-enough-appointments - but outsourcing "the problem" is not a solution.

There are three basic reasons company decision-makers give for outsourcing the appointment scheduling task:

1. The sales people will not do it. Yep, they simply refuse to prospect by telephone. At worst - they make a wimpy effort, falsify reports, and in some cases threaten to quit if forced to make calls.

2. The sales people can not do it. Even though they would like to and see the need, they fail in spite of their best efforts and management's best attempt to help them succeed. This is not a failure of will as much as it is a failure of process.

3. The sales people really should not do it. The valid case is typically made for sales people whose goals involve high-ticket items, long sales-cycles, complex sales issues, and multiple recommenders.

However, most sales professionals use one or both of the first two reasons to make a case not to cold call without valid reasons for outsourcing appointment scheduling.

Look, whether you decide to outsource your appointment scheduling function or to keep that function in-house is up to you. Either way you need to create, own, and control the right combination of art, best practice, and science to find new customers – you do not need to outsource a problem. Once the combination for successful results associated with telemarketing services is clear, then, and only then are you in a position to decide the best person to make the calls - field sales, inside caller, outsourcer, or a combination of all three.

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