"Business to Business Lead Generation with the NEW Google"

You already recognize the value of business to business lead generation information. My guess is prior to a prospect or client meeting, you did a little Google search and found some decent information.

Well here’s some good news. Google just made it a lot easier to find GREAT information about companies, industries, and people.

Google changed its interface.

After more than a year of testing, the big “G” launched a new search results page that features different sorting options along the left side.

Here’s what you may not know - many of the sorting options in the new Google results page have been around for a while somewhat “hidden” under the "Show Options" link. With this new release, Google has decided to permanently show its "Show Options."

Conduct a Google search and your business to business lead generation results are now sorted by type on the left-side of the page. If Google recognizes that many different types of information have come up related to your search, you will be offered you those types. For example: news, blog posting, videos, images, and so forth. Cool huh?

Google does a pretty good job of showing you only the relevant types of information it has gathered. The immediately show options reveal only the most popular links related to your search. You must click the “More” link to see all of the different types of results.

How can this new Google format benefit your business to business lead generation sales efforts?

Try this - just prior to meeting with a prospect company, conduct a Google search. Click on the "News" link and read up on recent press releases and articles about the company. Use that information throughout your sales call meeting to show your understanding of what's going on at the company and within the industry.

As you search, keep in mind some of the links allow you to do further sorting by date range. Choose one of the provided options and limit your results to only information that Google has indexed in that specific time period.

Various types Google offers are intuitive. Click on "Books" for information on books related to your topic. Click on images to get pictures. Three types of information deserve further mention they relate to business searching and locating information on companies, industries, and people. Those types are Blogs, Discussions, and Updates.

Blogs, or online logs or diaries, often contain a great deal of information that can be beneficial sources of business information. You can find industry blogs on just about any topic.

Do a Google search on "medical devices". Click the "Blog" link and you'll find more than 250,000 blogs that mention or are about medical devices. Many companies have one or more blogs where you can read about what's going on inside an organization. Employees, shareholders, partners, and other interested individuals may write about a company, or person, in their blog.

The "Discussions" link delivers results where people are engaged in online forums, and/or discussions, where your search terms appear. For example, a search on "3M jobs" delivers more than 100,000 unique discussions related to finding a job at 3M, the company culture!

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