"Successful Cold Calling Tips"

For successful cold calling results you will want to know that you do not have to get past the gatekeeper. True Executive Assistants (EAs) are keepers of the gates to the Top Dog Suites. However, their job descriptions do not instruct them to keep you out so, do not take “no” personally. Take rejection as important feedback telling you it is time to revamp the words you use during your prospecting calls.

What few sales professionals know is this. When Executive Assistants answer the phones, they are searching for ways to let people in.

Your words let Gatekeepers know whether or not you belong in the office of the decision maker. What constitutes belonging? How about this: Something in your conversation triggers the Gatekeeper to think, “Hmm. My boss really needs to hear what this person has to say.”

Did you know Executive Assistants sit in on Board meetings, deal with attorneys, as well as other company leaders? Because they move about a cross-section of problem-solving venues, EAs are familiar with the kinds of solutions for which company leaders are searching. When you call with a solution, you have the EAs attention.

Whether you realize it or not you already have knowledge of the solutions company’s need. Those solutions are the basis for the existence of your company. You provide a product/service with value in the marketplace.

Then, your successful cold calling challenge becomes, “How to state what you have to offer in a compelling way so the EA invites you in for face time with the decision maker?”

To capture the words that compel - look to your current clients. Ask the ones who are pleased with your product/service to describe the impact doing business with you has had on their bottom line. Take care not to lead them or to finish their sentences as they search for the right word. What you want is the verbiage they use. Their words are the words used by your other Top Dog prospects. Those are the words that will impact the EA in a positive way that acts in your favor.

Beware, as a seller do not let your industry’s-speak enter the cold calling conversation. The language of your industry has far, far less meaning to the Executive Assistant than the language of your prospect’s industry. Every word you speak is important and will contribute to or detract from your successful cold calling efforts.

Finally, pay attention to your tone of voice when talking with the EA. Be respectful. If you are not respectful, the Top Dog will hear about it, and will decide not to see you based on that one disrespectful interaction. The decision-maker knows if you are rude to the EA you will also be rude to others in the organization. Who needs that?

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