"Cold Calling Script: The First Step"

by Suzanne
(Henderson, NV)

I break cold calling problems down into steps or actions. This is especially helpful when I have something I need to do and don't know where to start.

To develop your cold-call introduction answer these questions:

1. Why would the prospect want to hear what you have to say?

2. What can you do for them?

3. Why would they want to learn more about your product/service?

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself:

a. How do you feel when someone cold calls you?

b. Are you annoyed or interested?

c. What made you interested or annoyed?

Don't try and say everything in the first cold call! Instead, break up what you want to say into 3 different calls. That way the prospect won't be overwhelmed and you get the opportunity to call back 2 more times.

Some salespeople don't leave voice mails because they think they won't be listened to. That's not always the case. Voice Mail can be a useful tool for getting your message to your busy prospect. Either way, if you get the person on the phone or if you get the voice mail be ready.

If after the first call the prospect was completely uninterested or rude, decide whether to try again on call #2 or put them off for a couple of months and start over.

These days it's very important to know some background on your prospect. Also, if you have the budget, work with your marketing department to create an integrated campaign that will help open the door a little so the call isn't as cold.

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