"Cold Calling Techniques (that really work)"

Author: Stephan Schiffman

Author: Stephan Schiffman

Worth their weight in gold are the By the Numbers and The Ledge Chapters of this book. Schiffman breaks down the rhyme and reason behind the numbers - he gives you a numeric picture of your efforts, then reveals a blueprint for meeting, even exceeding your sales goals.

The Ledge is a place that we all get to in our cold calls more often than not. Stephan's book walks you through how to gain a foothold, to resume control of a conversation, then uses information the prospect gives as a reason to get together.

So, when an objection comes during a call you are equipped to turn it into an appointment even when the prospect says, "we don't need your service, we are happy with our current vendor."

His solutions are easy, powerful, and promise to be profitable just as soon as you begin to implement them.

When you get down right to it, all authors who write about cold calling from personal experience hit the same points throughout their books. The differences among the writings are in the "voice" of the author and in one or two points he or she fine tuned. Schiffman and I both believe the key to successful selling is your ability to reach the decision-maker. And that success in selling means helping people do what they do better. -

Stephan's explanation of the science of cold calling, that is how to pay attention to the numbers; his overturns to objections; and third-party endorsement script are what stand out to me as his unique and valuable contributions to every cold caller's arsenal.

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Feb 10, 2012
Made me sucessful NEW
by: Paul

I read this book and literally double my sales and became #1 salesperson in Canada.
It works - It is so easy

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