"Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income"

Author: Paul McCord

Author: Paul McCord

Truth be known most sales professionals do not even come close to leveraging favorite clients to get even more great clients. Cold calling is a terrific way to get new money into the pipeline but referral-based selling helps you mine the acres of diamonds in your own back yard!

Paul McCord is a wizard at referral-based selling. Better yet he poured his knowledge into, "Creating a Million Dollars a Year Sales Income", a best selling business book with Barnes & Noble and Amazon that was selected as an offering of the prestigious Forbes Book Club.

When it comes down to it, there are subtleties for success to every single aspect of selling.

For example, you may be surprised to learn that just asking for referrals creates so many problems it actually discourages clients from giving them!

Paul's proven, disciplined process that produces results is given in his book. McCord talks you through how to work with your clients to generate a large number of high-quality referrals.

You absolutely can build a referral-based business, just not by simply asking for referrals.

McCord's book walks you through:

- How to establish yourself with your prospect as a referral-based salesperson

- How to prepare your client to give a large number of high quality referrals

- How to insure you meet your client's wants and expectations

- How to avoid the two most costly mistakes salespeople make

- How to insure you get high quality referrals--even if your client doesn't have any to give you

- How to contact the referred prospect to get the appointment

- Why you should never simply call a referred prospect

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