"eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale"

Author: Ardath Albee

Author: Ardath Albee

On some level we sales professionals know that our prospects need our help to learn how to best solve their problems. After all, we have hard-won expertise in our arenas, arenas in which our prospects have none.

So, the question becomes, "How do you and I help them acquire knowledge that helps them make THE best possible decision for their companies and their careers?"

Grasp the power of that question and you are ready to reap the harvest Ardath's book has to offer.

A couple of weeks ago, as I discussed Ardath's new book with a mutual friend, tears of appreciation for her streamed down my cheeks.

When I first met Ardath, she had recently had a liver transplant. In spite of that she was pitching in to help and working like a maniac to ensure the success of an event that was getting ready to begin.

Here we are a few short years later and Ardath is making quite a meaningful contribution to the world of sales with a new book.

Don't for a minute think Ardath is new to writing. She is a prolific writer with literally thousands of articles on the Web and several non-business books.

I for one am thankful Albee purposed to make a contribution to the sales community and became an expert in eMarketing Strategies.

She was as frustrated as the rest of us with trying to figure out how to use email to move prospecting and selling forward.

Many of my clients ask me for help in this area and I have a few good tips to offer ... but my counsel is nothing in light of the comprehensive strategies figured out by Ardath.

If you are ready for -- and I get a kick out of this powerful phrase -- "Engagement Bling" read on ...

In her new book Ardath spells out how to leverage email to enrich the relationships your company establishes with prospects and customers.

She walks you through strategy and contagious content that increases engagement, provides structure for differentiating yourself from the competition, shows you how to come up with content that attracts prospects ... all with a design of your making ... and actually programs your prospect for engaging in a business relationship with you.

Engagement Bling ... bring it on with this book! It will help you build a mindset for successful cold calls even if you don't have e-contact with your prospects. And if you do communicate via email - you will not want to miss out on all that Ardath has to share.

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