"Secrets to Scheduling the Executive-Level Sales Call"

Author: Leslie Buterin

Author: Leslie Buterin

After figuring out how to help one company double revenues (from 1/2 billion to 1 full billion dollars) with cold calls my colleagues asked "how did you do it" and "would you write a book so we can know how too".

I was glad to share how this one change in strategy -- stop prospecting at the bottom of the organizational ladder and start cold calling only Top-Dog decision-makers -- came to be the standard operating procedure for success.

As I committed the steps to paper, what really surprised those in the world of sales - me included - is that I came in from outside the industry and succeeded where others with industry knowledge failed terribly. In retrospect I understand why.

My success was a humongous myth-buster. Turns out that -- contrary to popular belief -- industry knowledge is totally, completely, undeniably, unimportant to cold calling success. Equally as startling is the realization that the critical components of cold calling success are not at all what most cold callers believe them to be.

So, thanks to requests from cold-calling sales-professionals, I wrote the book and revealed the steps to success in 40+ chapters. Each chapter ends with a lesson for you, designed to anchor the learning in your mind so success comes to you sooner rather than later. This home study course is available in hard copy and via download - which ever suits your needs.

Readers tell me the chapters about change of mindset are as important as chapters that have to do with the specific words to say. Both subjects are thoroughly discussed.

As readers share their "ah ha" moments, the comment I hear most frequently is ...

"I finally understand that I do not need to fear high-level decision-makers. I 'get' that I belong in meetings with executive-level decision-makers; and now have the words that get me in the door and allow me to hold my own during those meetings."

A few Chapter titles to whet your appetite:

- "The Winner's Mindset"

- "Buyer's Resistance: If you Eliminate "Resistance," What's Left? ... a buyer!"

- "Be Confident: The Executive Level is Where You Belong"

- "The Golden Keys to the Gatekeeper"

- "Battling Objections from the Inside and the Outside"

- "Short Scripts"

- A couple of sections on writing your killer USP
... and more.

Several clients attribute their big cold calling results to what they discovered in, "Secrets to Scheduling the Executive-Level Sales Call." You can even hear what a couple of them have to say at www.ColdCallingExecutives.com

I make it a practice to ask for metaphors from clients. Here is my all time favorite phrasing that never fails to make me laugh out loud ...

"Before reading 'Secrets to Scheduling the Executive-Level Sales Call' cold calling was like getting a vasectomy with a chain saw, after reading the book and implementing the learning cold calling was better than sex!"

You will come up with your own metaphor as you experience cold calling success and please know I sure look forward to hearing yours.

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