"Take the Cold Out of Calling: web search secrets"

Author: Sam Richter

Author: Sam Richter

This is a fascinating book - not about the steps to making cold calls but about tools for web search secrets that let you know more than you ever thought you could (or should) know about your prospects, clients and competition.

I met Sam right after he spoke during one of Jill Konrath's Sales SheBang Events in Minneapolis.

Upon meeting him I could sense -- and later came to know -- he is a really good guy who knows his stuff. Think of him as the insider's secret contact for tools, resources and knowledge needed to win at business development.

I am on the internet every single day - and Sam's information directs me to a lot of things that I had no idea the Net has to offer. Important knowledge readily available to you IF you have a guide through the maze of information!

Did you know you can use the web to download free sales leads lists for your business to business lead generation, member directories, prospect lists and more ... IF you know where to look?

Read through Sam's pages and you will take nothing short of a fascinating journey into the world of information. You will learn how to easily find; how to apply it to make sure you offer relevant solutions and use it to make a great first impression.

It is common knowledge among sales professionals that the more information you have on your client and your client's needs, the better chance you have to ensure your solutions are relevant; and you shift the odds to your favor to close a deal.

This book shows you how to find the crystal ball that allows your to gaze into the thoughts of your prospects and what they care about.

When you want rock-solid information about your prospects, know it is available literally at your finger tips through the window of the Internet ... and Sam Richter's book guides you quickly, easily, profitably through the Web.

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