"The Real Secrets of the Top 20%: How to Double YOur Income Selling Over the Phone"

Author: Mike Brooks

Author: Mike Brooks

Each of us who author sales books has our own story. Like Mike who went from being one of the lowest producers in the whole office to becoming the top closer of the year - and that is out of five branch offices.

In Mike's book he tells you how to eliminate 90% of the resistance you get when you are on the phone cold calling. Now, wouldn 't THAT be helpful?

Brooks also pulls back the curtain to reveal how you can isolate and find the real objection.

Mike walks you down the path to successful cold calling and tells you exactly how he did/does it himself.

He immersed himself in all the sales training tapes he could find and listened to them over, and over, and over again... taking care to take the techniques he learned and put them in to action. Tips like:

•The Nuggets of Gold in Recordings of Yourself
•Why You Must Use Scripts
•How You Can Properly Qualify Your Prospects
•How to Hear What Your Prospects are Really Saying
•How to Take the Prospect's pulse with Trial Closes
•How to Figure out What Will Make 'em Buy with Closing Lines that Get them to "Yes"

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