"The Ultimate Sales Letter"

Author: Dan Kennedy

Author: Dan Kennedy

When Dan Kennedy opens his mouth, listen and follow-through with the action he suggests. The man knows the words to use to make money.

Cold callers frequently ask me about follow up letters. After extensive review of those letters, I can tell you most sales pros who cold call do not know how to put their verbal sales presentations into writing. I'd venture to say these gifted sellers look like blubbering idiots on paper.

Why not have your killer cold calls enhanced by your follow-up letters rather than sabotaged?

We sales pros are gifted at words and just need a bit of "how to" to get that gift translated to paper. Dan Kennedy tells you exactly, precisely, and profitably how to do that.

I have a dog-eared copy of this book in my library. It looks a bit ragged because I use it - a lot. Dan's book shows how to put power into your sales letters that boost sales and profits. His methods are unusual, unorthodox, and innovative ... time tested proven techniques.

First you've got to make sure your follow-up letter to your prospect gets opened and does not go into the trash ... Dan's book tells you how to make sure your letter gets opened.

Then, your prospect won't read your follow-up letter unless the headline immediately grabs his attention ... Dan's book reveals twelve best headline formulas.

You may be surprised to learn that perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling do not make for an easy to read letter! Dan's book gives you tips for improving readability - big time.

Contrary to popular teaching, the body of the letter gets read last ... if at all. The headline and the P.S. are what get read first. So, Dan's book makes certain you know how to use the "P.S." to your advantage.

There is a lot more in this book for you if you want to build your cold calling base as fast as possible. If pre-approach and follow-up letters are a part or may be a part of your cold calling strategy - get this book. You will be glad (as I am) that you did.

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