"Your Opinion of My New Cold Calling Script?"

by Don

Hello, . This is Don P. I’m a recruiter. My firm is Placement Partners. How are you today?

I know you’re getting a lot of these calls. I’ll be brief. I don’t assume that you’re interested in outside opportunities right now and that’s fine. The truth is, I just started this firm and I was hoping to take 90 seconds of your time to introduce myself. Is that all right?

Great. Let me tell you a little about the firms I represent directly. They are Big Bank, Bank Advisors and Big Accounting Firm.

Big Accounting Firm has been around since the early 1900s. They clear through Pershing and they can make an offer to those advisors doing $150K or more. That advisor is going to get 50-60% payout on most business working out of a branch without the additional expenses usually associated with that kind of payout.

Big Bank Advisors is part of the largest bank in the US and the only one Warren Buffet would invest in. They have a deal on the table for those writing $300K or more with 5 channels to offer: there’s the Branch Channel, like where you are now; a semi-independent channel, still housed in a branch; an independent channel, an international channel and a bank branch channel for those looking to grow.

After a profit analysis, Big Bank recently lowered their recruit parameter from $1MM to $750K. If you’re a large producer looking for stability and a truly global platform, they are a great option.

So those are the firms I represent, but I want you to know that ultimately, I am here to serve you. As an independent consultant, I can help protect your confidentiality, but more, my goal is to help make the most of any valuable time you may devote to finding a better home for you and your clients. Let me tell you that I love what I do. I’ve been in sales for 11 years, doing this for 5, and like you, I found an opportunity in sales where integrity still means something and that’s a beautiful thing. I don’t have to close every deal and I understand that my firms aren’t for everyone. I am simply here to help if I can and I know some managers who would love to meet with you if you’re interested.

Do you have any interest in making this more of a conversation?

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