"The Art of Cold Calling: Critical to CRM Success"

The "art of cold calling" has to do with the effectiveness of the conversational exchange including:

1. The words you say

2. The voice mail you leave

3. The scripts you speak from

4. Your overturns to objections

5. Your USP (unique selling proposition).

6. Your ability to leverage your emotions – not freak out and give in to fear

7. Your mindset and how you see yourself in relation to the person you are calling

The "art of cold calling" goes hand-in-hand with the CRM science and your success.

The "science" has to do with efficiencies and activities. Get both the "art of cold calling" and the "science" right and you can measure, manage and best of all rely upon the Science to lead you to success.

Efficiencies have to do with how quickly and easily you are able to handle each lead. For example:

- How quickly and easily you can implement your plan to pursue leads that come in through a website;

- How quickly and easily you can follow through with your plan to contact leads on a list you bought;

- How quickly and easily you can convert those who call your company with questions into clients.

To maximize Efficiencies you want a clear picture, a plan that answers your pressing questions:

8. "How many times should I call one lead before I reach the point of diminishing returns?" ... "One, seven, twenty-seven?"

9. "After reaching the point of diminishing returns, how much time should lapse before I put that lead back into your call list?" ... "Thirty days, ninety days, a year?"

10. "What is the ideal number of days for me to allow in between calls to one lead?" ... "I don't want to come off as a cold call stalker. I don't want to miss an opportunity either."

Successful cold callers also want an accurate picture of how Activity is paying off. After all, frantic activity with no movement forward is just a waste of valuable time! So capture the number of:

11. Dials per hour

12. Conversations per dials

13. Appointments per conversation

14. Voice Mail call backs

15. Sales that result from appointments

16. Which leads convert to sales better and why Miss out on any one of these 16 powerful points, like most of your colleagues do, and you miss out on the ability to maximize your results.

Take the results of your Voice Mail call backs for example.

Surveys show most sales pros who prospect by phone believe leaving Voice Mail messages are a total waste of time.


Successful cold callers work these 16 points to the point where they figure out - may I have a drum roll please - how to get 80 to 100% call backs from Voice Mail messages.

In fact a $6 billion decision maker and I left each other three voice mail messages before we finally connected by phone. We both had figured out how to leave messages that compelled the listener to call back. Better yet - you can learn too.

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The art of cold calling is closely linked with the science of cold calling. Here are valuable (free) white papers yours for the taking. However,they are updated weekly so download what you want now and come back often!

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