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Ready for a good business opportunity lead? Then, it is time to leverage Google's "Updates" link. This is the newest addition to the Google options portfolio, and is very cool.

Click on "Updates" for real-time online messages related to your specific topic. Google searches sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace among others to find real-time information. Word to the wise - be careful what you post because it is searchable and archived theoretically f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Enter a popular term like "President Obama" and watch the messages scroll in as they're posted online. For business searches, enter a person's name to see if he or she Tweets, or a company name and see what people are saying about the organization.

A colleague of mine asks audiences of at least 1,000 sales people, "How many of you use Google's 'Advanced' feature?" Fewer than a dozen people raise their hands. You know information is power - so, please act on the information you pick up here as it related to your business opportunity lead.

Select a type and you see Google expand its left-side menu to include additional options related to each type. On a "News" search, you'll see that Google expands to include date options, news from blogs, and even the ability to sort by date or relevancy.

On a new search - or click back on the "Everything" link on an existing search - click the "More" link, and even the "More Search Tools" link. You will see the left-side options bar expand even further and will notice a variety of Google result tools.

Click on the “Nearby” link if you're searching for a company or person and you'll find people or companies that are physically located near where your person or company's address is. The "Nearby" tool also provides additional tools that allow you to further narrow the geographic location. This gives new meaning to the phrase and your ability to “drop by while you are in the neighborhood!:

Click on "Related Searches" and you will find that it is a bit like shopping at Amazon. After you select a book for purchase on Amazon, you see an up-sell statement and list such as "people who have bought this book, have also bought these books." When on Google, click "Related Searches" and the result list expands showing other terms related to your original search. Click on a suggestion and you'll see new results related to that search.

The Related Searches tool can help when you're not necessarily sure what you're searching for. Additionally, you can reframe your search and receive additional search ideas.

Yet another helpful tool is the Google Wonder Wheel. For additional search options and the ability to reframe your search criteria click the "Wonder Wheel" link, Google provides a graphical representation of searches related to your original search.

So, search for a company; click "Wonder Wheel," and you'll find suggestions like company divisions, competitors, industry and information. Click any Wonder Wheel suggestions to expand more related results.

Click the "Timeline" link and you'll see a graphical representation of a timeline showing the date ranges where information related to your search has been published.

Try this: if you have a business opportunity lead enter that company name for news items and the date the item was published. Enter a person's name and you'll see articles about that person. Click any of the decade-based bar graphs and the chart expands to the years within that decade.

Click on any of the bars themselves and you'll see the news related to that year and month - the taller the bar, the more news during that particular time period.

Google Timeline is an easy way to quickly find information about people, companies, and industries and how things have changed over the years. Conduct a Timeline search prior to meeting with your business opportunity lead. With a few clicks you will have a good understanding of how things have evolved within a company, an industry, even a person's life and career.

Get used to the new interface and how it works for business information to help you turn your "cold" business meetings into valuable "warm" interactions that your prospect cares about, because you have an insider’s scoop!

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