"Lead Management Sales Software to the Rescue!"

Is lead management sales software necessary?

Ask yourself this, "Have you ever gone to a sales networking event only to collect a pocketful of business cards that you never get to follow up on?" Of course you have, so has every other sales professional on the planet. This will give you a jolt of reality the Yankee Group says, "40% to 80% of all sales leads are lost, not followed up, or just generally mismanaged." Yikes!

Why does that happen? Let's look to a time-honored principle of professional organizers for an answer to that question. "You can't put it away if it doesn't have a place to go."

Where do business cards go? Enter the relevant data into your lead management sales software. Because that is the place, the tool that will allow you to easily follow customer accounts, their interests, and needs.

With a good system you will be able to separate your hot customers from those who are lukewarm and follow up accordingly.

Lead Management Sales Software under girds both the sales and the marketing functions. Although the software can stand on its own, with a little IT support software it will integrate with your CRM. Then, the data that is funneled into the CRM will be much cleaner and more relevant after it has gone through your lead management process.

A sales manager or sales professional will learn a lot about the sales process simply by watching a seller work with the software. When you actually see the process in action, you will identify little tweaks to improve the process that will make selling easier.

The greatest success with such software comes with the mindset that:

- Views lead generation as an ongoing conversation, rather than a series of campaigns

- Properly manages leads on hand, rather than indiscriminately seeking more leads

- Employs a multimodal approach, rather than one single tactic

- Qualifies leads before handing inquiries to sales professionals

- Implements a lead nurturing program

- Gives the Sales Department a way to hand unsuccessful leads back to marketing for further work

- Effectively utilizes and maintains the CRM database

Lead Management Sales Software features include the ability to:

- Track phone, email, and other direct marketing campaigns

- Capture best practices and incorporate them into S.O.P.s (standard operating procedures)

- Improve the sales presentation and shorten the sales cycle

And as icing on the cake to business owners, you no longer have to worry about prospect and customer data walking out the door with a sales professional who for one reason or another has decided to seek opportunities elsewhere. All of that information stays in the system where it belongs.

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