"Great b2b Leads Bring in Good Money - Here's How to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff!"

Great b2b leads are sales-ready leads. Either Sales or Marketing scrutinize prospects, then, identify, initiate, and nurture relationships with the right people.

To get there from where ever you are now to having a fist full of sales-ready leads requires planning, extensive planning. You will want to identify the markets that are most lucrative for you and to hammer out a crystal-clear, written-description of an "ideal client" profile. You will want a way to track, quality, and manage leads until they are ready for the sales professionals to make contact.

Since buyers of business solutions are predominately "Top Dog" executive-level decision-makers, be sure to speak their language. Use the words executives are accustomed to hearing and you will begin to differentiate yourself to avoid commoditization.

There are a multitude of electronic processes that serve to interfere with the ability to reach an executive or executive assistant with a direct phone call. No doubt you have personal knowledge of these interferences. They include voice mail, email, the internet, and caller ID.

To completely differentiate your products/services from the other noise in a decision-maker's day take the time to carefully craft your unique selling proposition (USP). Develop several phrases that speak precisely to your executive-level prospect at his or her point of need, at the right time in the buying process, and give the reason why you are the best solution provider.

Every effective system is monitored and measured. Your leads system is no different. To justify the company's investment in the process you will measure and monitor the progress of prospects as they move through the marketing/sales pipeline.

A long sales cycle will require passage of time and activity before results will be seen. As you measure progress, especially in the beginning focus on measuring activity not results. Give your sales and marketing professionals regular status reports. This will keep them on target to meeting sales revenue goals and allow them to tweak the process to make it even more effective.

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