"Your Elevator Pitch is Critical to Cold Call Success"

Your elevator pitch is comprised of the few but mighty words that let your propsects know the value of what your product/service brings to business. That is the only pitch decision-makers need to decide to meet with you.

As hard as it may be for your to believe, Top Dog decision-makers neither want to know everything your know about your business nor need to know everything you know about your business to make a decision.

Prospects do, however, need to know the potential benefits your product has to offer his or her company. Your stated value is what decision-makers will rely upon to determine whether or not to schedule an appointment with you.

Here is the format you will want to follow as you sit down to figure out the essential words you want to use in your pitch:

1. Include the specific objective that will be achieved

2. The specific problem that will be solved, and

3. The specific way you can serve your prospect

Be sure to state the bottom-line results that your clients get from your solutions and your prospects will reap. Do this by including a measurable:

• Increase in efficiency

• Increase in revenues

• Increase in sales

• Increase in market share

• Decrease in fixed or variable expenses

• Reduction in time to market

• Reduction in cost of sales

Your words must:

1. Be written from the individual who has the solution (you) to an individual who has the problem (your prospect) and wants it solved by you.

2. Have each word be about the prospect and either his/her problem or the solution he/she can expect to get from you

3. Be specific, as specific benefits are the only ones that are meaningful.

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