"Creating an Elevator Pitch that Works"

Success in creating an elevator pitch that works will become immediately apparent when previously closed doors seem magically opened to you.

That thought is not as outrageous at you think.

Your executive-level "Top Dog" prospect likes a bottom-line phrase that informs and positions simultaneously. Such as, "Our research shows that 80% of cold calls in your industry result in unnecessary 'No's. Is this true of your company?" So, give them a good informational, bottom-line phrase.

As you create an elevator pitch, make sure it focuses on a particular outcome that is of interest to your prospect. "Relay the business value of what you have to offer" as leading sales authorities instruct.

You will hear the terms: phrase that pays, elevator pitch, unique selling proposition, and value proposition used interchangeably. No matter what you call it make sure you know that creating the compelling elevator pitch is not as easy as filling in a few blanks. However, you certainly can use a fill in the blank form to help the flow of ideas.

Creating an elevator pitch does take time. Enough time for you to learn to see yourself and product/service through the eyes and words of your satisfied clients. Start this part of the process by asking happy clients, "By how much does doing business with me change your bottom line?" and by asking them to create a metaphor, "Before doing business with me your life was like __________________, after doing business with my company your life was like _________________"

When the light bulb goes on, you will see the words you use hinge upon how your want your prospects to see you as a contributing business partner. Then, all sorts of possibilities open up, like your ability to contact prospects when "trigger events" give you a "reason why" to call. If your product or service provides a solution to a need created by a recent event in your prospect's business or industry create an elevator pitch that shows you are the solution to their need. Odds are you will close a sale with a seemingly miraculous short selling cycle.

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