"A Good 30 Second Elevator Pitch Keeps You From Commoditization"

A 30 Second Elevator Pitch can make you stand out in a crowd or fade into the background. Make sure yours turns out to be a phrase that pays.

Keep this in mind. The vast majority of your target market does not know who you are or what you sell. If you launch a brand new product or service then even fewer people know about you.

Your well-crafted elevator pitch will allow you to get the news out about you to prospects in a variety of formats: email, cold calls, direct mail campaigns, even chance meetings. Craft a memorable one and you will create a viral buzz of people talking about you and what you have to offer.

In today's b2b environment the "Top Dog" executive-level decision-maker is the one with whom we all want to meet. Right? So, when you contact an executive your 30-second elevator pitch the goal is for your pitch to serve as your key to the kingdom of the executive suites.

Focus on your prospect. Think about this. If your "Top Dog" prospect makes one poor business decision that one decision can have negative repercussions for years, even decades to come. That is a heavy burden to carry. It is no wonder multiple levels of management and influencers are involved in determining the best solution to address business problems.

When crafting your 30 second elevator pitch, make sure your message lines up with your prospect's buying process as well as the needs of the decision makers and influencers. This means you must prepare several pitches for the same prospect. The first phrase you use may be general and have enough information to get you in the door. As you build relationship, and identify each concern that your prospect has you will want to draw upon different phrasing to assure him or her that your experience shows your ability to successfully overcome each and every concern.

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