"Cold Call Scripts with Power You Won't Believe"

Pick up a handful of cold call scripts and take note how many words are used to get to the point. The point being that the caller wants an appointment.

You will find some scripts spend a lot of words talking about the caller's company. The intention of these words is to establish credibility for the callers and in turn imply that the listener should, well, listen.

Other scripts use a lot of words in the form of information gathering questions. The caller seemingly wants this prospecting call to be a research call.

Still others are spent chatting up the prospect to see whether or not the prospect is happy with current service, who the real decision-maker is, and when the current contract is up for renewal.

These kinds of cold call scripts don't have the pulling power that straight-talk-scripts have. They just don't perform as well as a script that pretty much just asks for the appointment from the get go.

If you think about it that makes sense. After all what kind of business person who receives a call from a stranger would spill out company secrets? Who has the time for a chat about your company and what it does - certainly not your prospects who are busy working on their own companies; What prospects wants to give away the names of their vendors and the date a contract is up to someone they don't know and who has no reason to know? What prospect really wants to do the research homework for someone who calls them out of the blue?

The majority of cold call scripts just aren't written to be effective in getting appointments - a lot of hangs ups, but not a lot of appointments.

Here's an eye opener. Write your own script out on paper. Review your script. Cross out any words that aren't necessary. Hint: if they talk about your company; ask for information about the prospect's company and/or current vendor relationships the words are not necessary!

The cold call script below is for an initial prospecting call. These words may feel a bit abrupt or too direct for you, but mark my words - this is the kind of no-nonsense, straight-talk that decision-makers use. Talk this way and you will be literally speaking their language.

Yes, this change of script will feel awkward and most likely will evoke undesirable emotions - like fear. Ignore the emotion;, continue using the direct approach in your script. Soon the emotions will go away and the appointments will roll in!

Hello, this is (your first name) from (your company name). I am calling for a 20 minute meeting so I can specifically tell you about our (product/service)that (increases revenues, decreases expenses, or mitigates risk).

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