"Sample Cold Calling Script: Closing Lines That Work!"

Below you will find one sample cold calling script after another comparing ineffective closing lines to effective closing lines. The last words you speak to close your cold calls are the words that either get the appointment or lose it.

Check out the comparisons now and tweak your own sample cold calling script accordingly:

Caller: “I’d like to see whether or not this service is a fit for the decision maker. Which time is better for an appointment, next week, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon?”

The above two lines make clear that you want face time and suggest two times, either one works well for you. Should the gatekeeper say, “Neither time works.” You maintain your leadership position by asking, “What week or month works better for you?”

The statements below are representative of the three ways the majority of cold calling scripts actually close.

First batch of ineffective closing statements in a sample cold calling script:

“Mr. Prospect, do you have your calendar handy? What day would be good for you, towards the beginning or end of the week? Do mornings or afternoons work better for you? Thanks again for the opportunity to meet with you and for taking the time to discuss how we may be able to …. If anything changes on your side or if you need to reschedule, please take down my phone number and e-mail address. Otherwise, I’ll reconfirm this meeting with you on ….I’m looking forward to meeting with you on … at … Have a great day!”

Here’s what’s wrong with the above closing:

1. Too many words

2. Too solicitous. The caller's intent is to serve the prospect however, the impact is that the caller comes off as weak, lacking confidence, and as though the caller is nowhere near equal in stature to the prospect

3. In dog-terms, the Top Dog looks at this caller as though he/she is a yippy little poodle … rather than as another Top Dog

Second batch of ineffective closing statements:

- "Can I set up some time with you next week to learn about ….?”

- “Can I set up some time with you next week to learn about …”

Here’s what’s wrong with the closing statements above:

The good news is these statements are brief, however …

1. The moment you ask permission by using the phrase “can I” you identify yourself as being a person of lower stature.

2. Better to use words that show you are directing the call -- say “I am looking for a meeting” or “which works best for you this month or next? OK Tuesday the 12th or Tuesday the 19th?” -- rather than using child-like words like “can I” that make you appear like a weak people pleaser

Third batch of ineffective closing statements:

“How does this Friday at 1:10 pm or next Monday at 10:40 am sound? Which would you prefer?”

Here’s what’s wrong with this close:

1. The caller is getting warmer with these sentences. These words direct the call and are more authoritative. But let’s do a bit more fine tuning …

2. Again, avoid asking permission and using passive statements such as “how does this sound?” You are a Top Dog in your area of expertise calling another Top Dog. Make statements that direct the call and the prospect with respond accordingly. For example: “I’m open Friday at 1:10 and Monday at 10:40 which works best for you?”

As you craft the closing lines of your in-house sample cold calling script be sure to: Tighten up your closing lines; Use a few words that direct the call; and position you as one Top Dog calling upon another.

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