"Sales Prospecting: Smart Cold Calling is Still the Best Way to Go"

If you are Sales Prospecting you already know the main idea behind cold calling is to pick up the phone to call someone who does not know you to ask for an appointment.

So, it makes me crazy when bloggers and article authors play into a fear of cold calling to sell you on their point of view. They use phrases like "only idiots cold call" or "you can eliminate cold calling with use of social medial" or "cold calling is dead."

Your can make effective use of other methods but do not be misled into believing there are better alternatives for getting face-time with decision-makers. Beware of being sold on the notion that marketing and research will get you where you want to go.

Some want to convince you that even though your prospects don't know you they will flock to tweet with you and respond to your message. This is marketing. If this alone were the recipe for success then only marketing departments would be needed and someone to write up the orders.

Others want to mess with the definition of cold calling and advise that when you know something about your prospect it then become a warm call. Don't get me wrong. Sure knowing something about your prospects can help you speak with authority when you cold call however, research is neither a short-cut to nor a substite for cold calling.

Follow the rabbit trail left by cold-calling nay-sayers and your sales prospecting efforts will only increase the likelihood of failure because of a lack of appointments.

If cold calling is not yet a profitable component of your sales strategy then know this - learn how to be smart in how you dial for dollars and you will succeed.

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