"Sample Script Telemarketing Tips for Success"

These sample script telemarketing tips are important reminders for newbies and seasoned cold callers alike.

Do not pick up the phone until you feel as though you are able to talk person-to-person. What makes a call successful is when the person on the other end of the line feels a connection with you. No matter how brief that connection is - the person you are prospecting needs to feel it.

Telemarketers have a nasty reputation. As if deliberate, these callers make every mistake in the book. They call at times that are inconvenient for the prospect. They read from a script with the same voice inflection one would have if reading to an empty room. Their script allows no wiggle room for conversation that helps build relationship.

Having a script is not all bad. A script does make sure the same message is delivered to every prospect. A good script makes sure every critical component of a call is covered. But, reading from a script is just bad business.

Callers are better off using a script as a guide. Use speaking points to help you navigate your way through the call to a desirable outcome. You want the flexibility to be able to accommodate a whole host of questions, objections, and comments brought up by the prospect during a call.

The point of a prospecting call of any kind is to open conversation with a lead and to dialogue with that person. A sample script telemarketing tip is to sound natural and to converse with, not talk at the person on the other end of the line.

A script that guides you through a call is as simple as:

(First name of prospect, phrased as a question) Mary?

This is (your first name).

(Make your request) I am calling for a 20 minute meeting with John. Should I shedule with you or him?

(Talk through details)

(End by repeating what you agreed upon and with thanks) I will see you on the 24th. Thank you Mary.

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