"Profitable Telesales Training Must Address These Two Elements"

As you wrestle through the decision of what telesales training is best for you, make sure the programs you select tell you how to become both more efficient and effective at cold calling.

Keep in mind there truly are no shortcuts. However, there are smart ways to approach your cold calling challenges.

First, take a close look at the process of best practices used for the greatest success in your particular marketplace for the kind of solution you have to offer.

Second, check out the metrics.

Here are the questions sales professionals ask that constitute the smart approach to developing a cold calling strategy.

Questions to ask that address the process:

1) How many calls should you make to a prospect on your list?

2) How many hours, days, or weeks should you allow between calls?

3) What kind of voice mail messages should you leave when you call?

4) If you do not contact a prospect should you toss the name or pursue it again in the future?

Questions to ask that address metrics:

1) How many dials must be made before you get a conversation?

2) How many conversations will you have before you get a face-to-face meeting with the decision-maker?

3) What techniques do you have to improve these metrics?

If cold calling becomes boring, painful, or unproductive take a look at these two elements of your action plan. Most likely you will need to make smarter cold calls. Worthwhile telesales training will guide you through the process and/or the metrics.

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