"b2b Telemarketing Services Expectations that Bring Results"

B2b telemarketing services fit right into the lead nurturing part of your business to business lead generation process.

Professional telemarketers appreciate and value being included as a part of your sales team. The callers need and want your valuable feedback. Let them know what kind of sale was closed as a result of their calls. They will enjoy the "high" and become even more motivated as much as any other part of your team.

Think of excellent service providers as lead management specialists, even lead nurturing account specialists. They are experts in overturning dozens of expected objections, such as, "Now is not a good time", "If he is interested he will call you", "We're not interested" and so forth.

Transparency is something you want with your telemarketing partner. Not only do you want to have the ability to monitor the progress of calls you also want notes taken during calls are valuable information for your customer relationship management software system (CRM).

Some b2b telemarketing services provide notes in an Excel format so you can upload them into your CRM. Others have CRMs that will interface with yours. Better yet, buy your provider a seat on your web based CRM solution. That way the provider's call notes automatically feed into your system. You also have the ability to do an accountability check anywhere at any time.

Consider giving your telemarketing service your current cold call scripting and run a parallel test with the service's scripting. Whichever performs better becomes the new baseline. Plan for the callers to interact with your sales and marketing professionals to tweak the scripts, for more parallel testing, always in search of better results.

Brian Carroll in his book, "Lead Generation for the Complex Sale" says to expect rates to run from $40 to $100 per hour. Full time professional telemarketers make between 40-80 calls per day to reach 8-10 decision makers.

Other callers may charge per appointment scheduled. Using the numbers above for a telemarketing service provider who schedules sales appointments, you could expect each appointment to cost between $160 and $500. Compare these figures to the cost of a million-dollar a year sales professional whose time is worth $500 per hour and you can see the cost/benefit of partnering with one or more b2b telemarketing services.

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b2b Telemarketing Services

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