"Develop Unique Selling Proposition - Your First Step"

Put develop unique selling proposition (USP) at the top of your "to do" list, because that one well-crafted phrase critical to successful cold calls.

The steps to writing a Unique Selling Proposition are simple, the process takes thought, and the result is well worth the time it takes for you to craft it.


Because once you figure them out, these words will bring you appointment, after appointment after appointment. And your appointments with decision makers mean money. Think of your USP as THE phrase that pays!

To begin put yourself into your prospect's shoes and answer the question "What's in it for me?"

Answer that question with the words your clients use to describe the impact of your products and services on their businesses.

As you complete the task at hand use the words your clients use as those are the words that will tickle the ears of your market place and cause prospects to listen to you over all of your competitors.

A slick way of answering that question - in a way that'll grab your prospects' attention - is to ask your current happy clients to answer the question for you.

That's right just call three to five of your clients who love you; tell them you are presented with the task - develop unique selling proposition - then, ask them to fill in the rest of the sentence; and use their very words as you write your USP.

Here's the amazing secret hidden in that suggestion ... your clients will use words that you didn't even think to use!

When it gets down to it, your clients' words are quite frankly more important than the words you come up with.


Because, your clients think and speak the same words that your prospects think and speak. Those very words will give you an unbeatable USP because, unlike your colleagues, you will take the time to craft a precise message to market match.

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